International Journal of Transdisciplinary Knowledge IAIN Kendari en-US International Journal of Transdisciplinary Knowledge 2797-4251 LINE Webtoon as Digital Literacy Model <p>This study aims to reveal LINE <em>Webtoon</em> as the development of literacy in education, language, literature, and culture, which is a representation of the positive side of social media usage in this digital era. LINE <em>Webtoon</em> is created by Daum and has been published in as many as 434 variants of comic series from its inception in 2003 until today. This paper will explore more about the LINE <em>Webtoon</em> as the virtual web is seen as the latest model of digital literacy in the process to enjoy literary works through social media.</p> Ramis Rauf Ety Duwila Copyright (c) 2022 Ramis Rauf, Ety Duwila 2022-12-31 2022-12-31 3 2 1 5 10.31332/ijtk.v3i2.28 Contributions of “Tafsir Ayat Suci dalam Renungan” for West Java (Methodological Analysis of “Tafsir Ayat Suci dalam Renungan” by Moh. E. Hasyim) <p>Moh. E. Hasyim is a <em>mufassir</em> born in Ciamis Regency, West Java Province, on August 15, 1916 AD. The outstanding work of <em>Tafsir Ayat Suci Lenyepaneun</em>, later translated into Indonesian, namely <em>Tafsir Ayat Suci dalam Renungan</em>, explores the breadth of the author's knowledge by using straightforward Indonesian language so that almost no words or sentences are difficult for people to understand. Presented in the form of Tafsir <em>Tahlili</em>, it provides several alternative solutions to various problems in the modern era. <em>Tafsir Ayat Suci Dalam Renungan</em> uses the method of thought because the intended readers are Indonesian people who are less familiar with Arabic and majas, so anonymous words that are easily understood by the audience.</p> Irwan Evarial Muhammad Azwar Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-31 2022-12-31 3 2 6 25 10.31332/ijtk.v3i2.29 Students’ Perception of the Implementation on Total Physical Response (TPR) in English Teaching <p>This study aims to determine students' perceptions of the application of the total physical response (TPR) method in foreign language lessons in the classroom. The participants of this study focused on students in one of Islamic Junior High School in Poleang. Vocabulary is a major problem for students in learning English. This study uses a qualitative research. The main reason for descriptive research in qualitative research begins with the question 'how' or 'what'. Qualitative research aims to explain the phenomenon profusely through deep data collection. This study offers some important insights into a number of aspects of theoretical and pedagogical benefits. The findings of this study can be used as a reference for those who conduct research on students' perceptions in the application of the total physical response (TPR) method in learning foreign languages in the classroom. The application of the TPR method in learning English in the classroom makes the class more fun, interesting, and provides new experiences for students. While the benefits of applying the TPR method in the classroom learning process include making students easy to understand the material, encouraging student motivation, encouraging student enthusiasm, making students more interested and active in participating in the learning process.</p> Sarjaniah Zur Selfieni Selfieni Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-31 2022-12-31 3 2 26 34 10.31332/ijtk.v3i2.30 Analysis Of Determinant Factors In Stunting Incidence In Toddlers <p><em>Stunting is a chronic condition that describes stunted growth due to long-term malnutrition. The prevalence of stunting under five in Indonesia is the second largest in the Southeast Asia region after Laos, reaching 43.8%. This study aimed to determine the determinant factors causing the increase in the incidence of stunting. This type of research is analytic with a cross-sectional research design. This research was conducted from April to June 2022 with a total sample of 49 people. Data analysis in this study used the Gamma Correlation statistical test. The study results concluded that there is a relationship between the pattern of breastfeeding, feeding pattern, and primary immunization with the incidence of stunting in children. Advice to health workers to provide more information and motivate parents to provide complete primary immunization, exclusive breastfeeding, and giving food patterns.</em></p> Islamiyah Islamiyah Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-31 2022-12-31 3 2 35 42 10.31332/ijtk.v3i2.31 Miss Implementation of Philanthropic Institutions by Reviewing The Prophet's Hadith <p>This study is crucial to see the reality of some philanthropic institutions that use religion to carry out their activities. There is many cases misused public funds, how the Prophet carried out philanthropic activities is important to review. This study uses a qualitative method, namely qualitative research using text as study material. The data source for this study is primary data from philanthropic institutions and hadith which discuss philanthropy and secondary the statements from scholars and experts on philanthropic activities. The data collection method was carried out by gathering information about philanthropic institutions in Indonesia and hadiths that relate to philanthropy. Data processing was carried out by elaborating with a multidisciplinary approach through linguistic, psychological, hadith science, and Syariah approaches. The findings of this study indicate that the collection and management of funds, philanthropic activities today are different from philanthropic activities during the Prophet’s times and companions. Philanthropy is an activity that has a parallel goal with Islamic law. Then needs to be emphasized that many philanthropic institutions actively collect donations from society must have a legal basis and be supervised by a competent supervisory agency.</p> Ni'matuz Zuhrah Muhammad Azwar Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-31 2022-12-31 3 2 43 52 10.31332/ijtk.v3i2.32 Halal Cart With Sustainable Philanthropy (A Case Study in Bau-Bau City of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia) <p>This study aims to examine: a) the existence of <em>halal</em> cart in Bau-Bau city of Southeast Sulawesi in which the operations are based on the philanthropic awareness of the employees of the Ministry of Religion in Bau-Bau; b) the business effect using <em>halal</em> carts on philanthropic actions of the owners in Bau-Bau; and c) the <em>halal</em> cart model with sustainable philanthropy as the best practice of sharia-based microbusinesses in Southeast Sulawesi. This research is designed with the descriptive-qualitative methods, in which the researchers collected the data by observation, in-depth interviews, and focused-group discussions. Also, the data analysis technique used refers to the Miles and Hubermas theory, namely data display, reduction, and conclusions. The results indicate that that the <em>halal</em> cart is one of the microbusiness models developed by doing small businesses such as the food vendors who meet the <em>halal</em> (hygienic ingredients and tools) and <em>thayyibah</em> (based on the health and hygiene standards) criteria. The <em>halal</em> cart significantly affects the business owner philanthropic actions where they spare their income for the charity in form of <em>infaq</em>. The <em>halal </em>cart model with sustainable philanthropy can be used for all the microbusinesses in Southeast Sulawesi. As far as we know, there is still little research on the halal cart model with a philanthropic perspective as a good practice for sharia-based micro businesses, especially in Muslim communities, this research is an attempt to enrich insights and fill the gap.</p> Husain Insawan Copyright (c) 2022 2022-12-31 2022-12-31 3 2 53 61 10.31332/ijtk.v3i2.36